Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May: Put a Bird On It Month

Cloth, Paper, Scissors' Theme This Month

Perfect tie in.....perfect intro to meeting Michelle Morlan.

 Happy 25th Anniversary Michelle and Scott! (April 30)

Next week we will have an extended visit with Michelle (who LOVES using birds as motifs in her art)'s more computer play from

Arlene Faber

We are disappointed that everyone is not as excited about computer rendering from digital downloads as we are. Even the lure of prizes or small "gifts" hasn't stirred up much action. 

For another look, see last week's post below. In any case, tuck the idea away for future never know when it will be just right for a project.

See you next week..........when, together, we will "meet" and learn more about Michelle.

Thanks for stopping by.