Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Put a Bird On It Continues.....

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CPS' Online Editor Cate Prato is discussing the use of birds as Art Motifs and featuring them in projects all month. Click to check the discussion.

It's fairly safe to say that ALL artists like and use birds in many ways, from realistic to stylized.

Linda Blackbird uses a special bird with her "signature," (for obvious reasons).

A bird assortment offered by gg designs is named after Wanda Hentge....since she requested the assortment. She found this tiny little bird in a Halloween selection and asked for it in a variety of sizes. (One use is her ATC at the left). She obviously likes birds. She even follows a blog called: Birdnuts Mixed Media  authored by someone else who also likes birds  : )  

Michelle Morlan (whom you will meet next week) uses birds in many ways. Some realistic, some decorative.
.Just to give you an idea....Michelle, who is an excellent carver.....included several  of her bird designs in sheets of rubber she has for sale. Click on the illustrations if you are interested in purchasing  either of these sets of very versatile images for your stamp stash! (Sorry Michelle, ggd didn't get your permission before posting!) .

Slated to be interviewed for this blog post, life, schedules and business intervened for both ggd and Michelle.

A chat with Michelle will be our primary focus next week.

With a little luck, we may get to see more of her bird carvings and the other artistic ways she uses birds in her projects.
Meanwhile check out the variety of birds and ways to use them that a
search will net!


LOOSE ENDS.........

Arlene Faber sent a great link for further exploration of computer coloring of downloaded digital art.

Check it out:

and....just to keep you busy until next week:


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