Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back to Doodles Briefly!

Not a Collaborative Doodle....But a Stamp/Doodle Combination

Pat Hanbery sent this note featuring a ggd carved feather surrounded by doodles.......which even continued on to the envelope.

Thanks Pat......a great project idea.


And again, thanks to everyone who participated in the recent collaborative doodles. They were lots of fun. Hopefully they will encourage you to try this with friends and family. Lots of fun to involve everyone at a birthday party or shower or other group get together.

Zentangles have been around for a while now and there are lots of books available and have been on-line workshops as well.

Like to plan ahead? "Rubber Rabbit," well known in stamp carving, book binding and other Internet circles is planning a Zentangle class in NOVEMBER. Don't'll be here in a minute!

She is using the book by Beckah Krahula, One Zentangle a Day, a Six Week Workshop. According to Rabbit it is set up as a proper workshop with
 exercises and really good instructions Rabbit will lead the workshop and, as a special treat participants completing the entire course will receive certificates signed by Beckah.

If you had fun with the collaborative doodle, give this some thought. You will need to join Artists of the Round Table (click link for instructions) and sign up for the workshop. 

It would be fun to have a "gg designs contingent" but even if that's impossible, we'd LOVE it if you'd "show us your stuff" as you progress through the workshop.



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