Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Serendipitous Find

While Looking for a LONG Lost Item

(A VHS Tape....which will tell you how LONG the Item Has Been Lost)

We unearthed  a decade old forgotten project...........

A part of a Julia Cameron "Artists' Way" assignment         

Most of you are familiar with the book "Artists' Way" as one of Julia Cameron's first "workshops" and a "bible" for aspiring creatives who want to establish routines to foster both creativity and productivity. 

Morning pages
and "Artists' Dates" are still practiced by many artists and are often referenced when discussing art work.....not exclusively but particularly when discussing journaling and collage art.

Another aspect is acknowledging and focusing on areas of gratitude. Developing an "attitude of gratitude" by the daily listing of things you appreciate. 

Early in retirement ggd used this practice extensively and, at the moment, we are hard pressed to remember when or why we stopped.

When we rediscovered the box we remembered that we had prestamped small "cards" in preparation for our daily "lists". A great reminder, making it easier by having the materials "at the ready."

There were MANY cards...some serious, some intensely personal.
Some seem silly (now at least) but all served to remind us what a beneficial practice this was/is.

As we skimmed through the cards we were pleasantly surprised at how many of the items listed still deserve our attention and our thanks.

Loyal Blog followers are certainly at the top of the list.


Pictured are some of the cards and a sampling of some of the messages. (Edited!)

Other, more personal messages will be included in one of those "Hand Written Letter, Once Per Week" items on our To-Do list that doesn't get accomplished as often as we'd like.

Things We Are Grateful For:

Cats Purring

Thunderstorms & Lightening (but we've YET to feel grateful for "Triple Digit" weather...we're working on that!)


 My neighbor's garden....some of it wanders into my yard!


 Doris .... for sharing your lovely writing .... particularly "Mirror, Mirror," which brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.


Yes.....thanks for those tears.


  To Cindy...for the box above to hold the cards and for introducing Art Stamps (at a party) those many years ago.......and to Betty (her Mom).......who gave me such good directions to Cindy's house that I actually GOT THERE!!!



Next week we will be looking at "Found Object Printing," so if you have a favorite "tool" you use, please let us know so we can include it here. 

If you have samples to share that would be great!

Meanwhile, are at the top of ggd's Gratitude List ......Thank you all!